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Mieri Yamashita

Supervising designer, KANKA


Studied abroad in the UK after being inspired by Jane Parker. Gained a diploma (L’art Floral Decoration) in Franc after studying the likes of Jane Parker and Ercole Moroni. Then, went on to study preserved flowers at Chelsea Flowers, eventually gaining the qualification from the Japan Preserved Flower Association (JPFA).

Since bringing together the designers at KANKA in 2011, they have opened stores in Takashimaya in Kyoto, at the Kintetsu Department Store in Abeno Harukas, and Daimaru in Kobe. They have also been featured in newspapers. Also gained the top price at a Japanese Preserved Flower Contest. The work was published in a specialty magazine. Selling items in a department store whilst also giving lessons to large incorporation. They also participate in events such as foreign car press release shows, food exhibitions and booths supporting the Tohoku region of Japan via flower displays. They have also produced collaborative items with 'Eirakuya', Italian chocolate, and French jam.

Interested in traditional Japanese culture from an early age, they gained a teachers certificate in 'Higashi Beryu Tea Ceremony', and also became an accredited master of 'Yamamura-ryu' Japanese dance. I want to create items which promote the goodness of both Japan and the West.

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