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Fashionable clothes not bound by gender

blurorange aims to create a world where everyone can freely enjoy fashionable clothing without being bound by gender or body shape that each of us lives with by birth. Regardless of our gender, we all have the desire to wear beautiful things. If you cannot enjoy wearing fashionable things because of the reasons such as too high the height, too wide the shoulder, or too large around the chest, let us offer the one that fits perfectly to your body.


Just wearing it feminine ...

A major feature of the services blurorange offers is that blurorange produces women's clothes that match the male body figure.

For blurorange clothes, there are special techniques to make male figure feminine in all processes such as design, patterning and sewing.

Male and female figures are completely different. Not only the differences in mean height and weight, men have broad shoulders, ribs also spread outwards. Women have a narrow shoulder width and narrow rib angles. Hips are also fleshy and the waistline constriction is also clear. Even if their height and weight are the same, such clear differences exist between men and women.

These differences are clear if you compare the dressmaker's mannequins for men and women of the same height as the picture shows. Not only the shoulder width, the size of the hips, ans the thickness of the neck, but also the position of the waist is completely different. In addition, it is said that the length of men's arm is about 5 cm longer than women's. So it is natural that men are unable to wear clothes made for women.

Voices of women with male body figures having troubles with clothes

  · Too tight around the shoulder
  · The side too tight and it hurts
  · The sleeves too short
  · The length too short
  · The waist too tight
  · The waist position does not match
  · The fastener does not move up
  · The circumference of collar too tight

Most of the popular Girly brands make only small size clothes. Even if indicated as free size, it is probable S size. It is said that they are doing so on purpose as a strategy to protect their girly and delicate brand image. On the other hand, as the large size clothes are made assuming plump women which waistline is large, length is short, or the sleeve length is insufficient and unbalanced for the female with male body shape. In addition, in the case of brands for Mrs, more modest colors will become mainstream. On blurorange clothes, we use the male body to make the basic mold using the technique called three-dimensional cutting. This three-dimensional cutting takes more effort than flat cutting, but it is an indispensable process to make clothing more beautiful and comfortable. Most of the luxury brands are made by three-dimensional cutting.

Started with a male body line, we apply various techniques to create feminine lines to our clothes. The patterning process is handled by a skilled patterner who has been in charge of female clothing for many years, so even though based on male body lines, blurorange clothes are finished genuinely feminine with the marvelous technique of the patterner. If you are the person who bought girly clothes but has kept them sleeping in the closet, we would like you to try blurorange clothes. We believe that you will recognize the value.


Tomoyo Matsumura

Fashion creator · designer
Tomoyo Matsumura

Fashion brand "blurorange" representative. She liked boyish clothes from childhood and started handmade clothes, such as remaking of her brother's older clothes. After working at a men's clothes shop and ladies apparel company, she entered Kansei University at the age of 25. She studied cognitive psychology and gender identity disorder in the psychology department of the university and reached a new idea of incorporating optical illusion into the clothes design. Later, after studied at a dressmaking school, in the summer of 2017, launched the apparel brand "blurorange" with the theme of being able to enjoy fashion freely without being caught by born gender or body type. She has been energetically creating varieties of men's size dresses and blouses.

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