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The weaving craftspeople
Yosano-cho, Kyoto


The Tango region, in Yosano, has been weaving silk goods for more than a thousand years, and from the 18th Century onwards it began to prosper as a world-renowned producer of silk, especially the famously known "Tango Chirimen". The majority of people who have lived here for a long time have now become involved in the textile business in some way. Here one finds a reliable manufacturing which supports its own tradition and craft. These weaving craftspeople bring us these products from Yosano which make one feel a sense of "Time Passed" and "Time to Come".

The touch of silk

Tango Chirimen silk mask (by Yasuda fabrics)

Made from real long-sleeved Kimonos, which means there aren't two of these silk masks which are the same. And not only is the design striking, but the silk's quality is perfect for a mask. Plus, it also incorporates a mask filter to ensure it properly works as a mask.

Silk stole with playful threads (by Ito-Asobi manufacturers)

Silk, which surpasses all absorption and moisture, is actually warm in the Winter. You can use it as lace, as a ribbon, and play around with silk to your heart's content with this weaved scarf.

A brilliantly original, high-quality Fresco necktie (by KUSKA)

Skilled artisans have freely used their skills for weaving Kimonos, and can create fully-fledged items with volume, so the hatching of the warp and the woof was born, and original expression was born with it. One single artisan can only weave 1 or 2 of these items per day, which makes them into a rare necktie.

Unryu paper lamp (by Hirose craft products)

A Japanese-style lamp which has Japan's cycle of the four seasons figuratively wrapped around it in silk; the hills and fields of Tango adhere to it in the form of flowers, and it is all made in a wooden-frame reel from Tango paper.

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