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Yatsuka Co.,Ltd.

Yatsuka Co.,Ltd.
Functional foods and cosmetics
Matsue city, Shimane

Live a healthy life both physically and mentally.

Yatsuka Co., Ltd. began as a manufacturing and sales company of food products blessed by nature in the fertile area of Shimane in 1988.

In an environment which changes daily, where people have started thinking about living healthily for the body and mind, we are a manufacturing and sales company of health foods and cosmetics.

Our company has learned and researched "food culture" and "mineral circulation due to the food chain", and from natural items such as wildflowers, tree leaves, and seaweed, established techniques for extracting "plant minerals" which include many kinds of mineral components essential to balance of the human body, and we are the only domestic company to constantly advance our application development.

Yatsuka Co.,Ltd.

Products right from the heart of Japanese people

MCV contains minerals extracted by a patent process from a variety of wild plants that grow wild in variety and abundance in nature. Also, our products consist of various other mineral components, with antioxidant-acting polyphenols, and foods claiming nutrient functions such as vitamins B2, B6, C, K, E, panteton acid, and folic acid.

Yatsuka Co.,Ltd.

Yuya Masatsugu

Yuya Masatsugu

In 1983, Mr. Kadowaki established Kadowaki gardening, and in addition to developing organic fertilizers and soil conditioners, he also contributed to a local magazine, "Horticulture Advice" for four years. In 1988, he founded Yatsuka Bussan Co., Ltd. We have developed a number of health foods and hair tonicd, and have been featured in media such as newspapers, magazines, and TV. In 1996, he established a technique to extract mineral components from plants and succeeded to applying them to various health foods. Then, in 2000, we changed our name to the current Yatsuka Co., Ltd., and wishing for people's health, we have performed product development with the philosophy of, "Living healthily, in body and mind."

Still, as managers and researchers, we advance new application development of plant-extracted minerals, as well as taking initiative to participate in academic conferences.

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