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Jewelry design & manufacturing
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Exquisite hand-made jewelry created especially for you!

An exciting new jewelry brand, KAMON JAPAN (KA: flower, MON: design), has just made its debut on ALEXCIOUS.
Embellished with Swarovski® Crystals, each piece of the gorgeous range that includes items for both ladies & gentlemen is meticulously handcrafted in Japan from start to finish.
Each piece is created individually in a small workshop using titanium or nickel-free metal that has been plated at an ISO guaranteed factory in Osaka. The factory also uses its outstanding expertise for the decorative plating of Buddhist shrine pillars, the emblems that appear on Japanese policeman’s ID badges and those that show the rank of Japan’s Self-Defense Force personnel.
The artisans engaged in creating each piece are sincerely, elaborately and carefully making jewelry with dreams.
“We don’t seek for ‘speed’. We are always true to our customers. We keep seeking for excitement for loveliness.”
“We, KAMON JAPAN, will bring glittering flowers from Japan to you all over the world.”

Pin Broach / Lapel Pin & Pierced Earrings

The Pin Broach / Lapel Pin & Pierced Earrings are made in the image of “Cool guy that men admire” & “Simple elegance”.
Embellished with Swarovski® Crystals, each exquisite piece of jewelry is hand-made in Japan. While titanium is the metal of choice for pierced earrings, in order to illuminate any risk of allergies forming, the metal used for other pieces is nickel-free. It is plated at an ISO guaranteed factory for ultimate security & safety.
“Made with Swarovski® Crystals” guaranteed.

Sonoi Oho

CEO & Brand Producer
Sonoi Oho
Moving from being a “wakaokami” (young proprietress of ‘onsen’ (hot spring) inn) to the CEO of a venture company that deals with cyber security, Oho’s early career was very unique. She studied cyber security techniques and developed a cyber terrorism protection system for international industry at the joint research center at Tokyo University. At 50 years old and actively working as a business consultant, Oho now found herself at a crossroads. Having experienced an enormous failure and feeling somewhat worn out, she was thinking that she’d like to do something exciting for others as well as for herself. At this point, she encountered a small craft studio in Kobe. They say they found a passion in each other! “When we wear something glittery, we feel energized and experience a sense of higher existence. I believe this feeling can be easily understood by anybody. Every time we see ourselves in a mirror wearing glittery jewelry, we feel excited and this excitement is conveyed to the people around us. I will be very pleased if I can share this excitement and energy with many people through KAMON JAPAN jewelry.” Oho says.
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