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Product Design
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

Easy to Use and Beautiful - Sori Yanagi Kitchenware Series

Products are to be used, so they must be easy to use above all. Beauty is born from the perfection of function. This beauty is not only on the surface, but naturally comes out from the inside. Sori Yanagi’s designs avoid extra decoration and meaningless designs, and find the true purpose of the tools to achieve a “Yo-no-Bi” (functional beauty). Cooking utensils that place importance on ease of use fits your fingers as well as the kitchen to bring you ultimate comfort.

Simple and Warm - Design Stainless Steel Kettle

The first product to be sold from Sori Yanagi’s kitchenware series was a stainless steel kettle. The design work for this product took two years. Mr. Yanagi created actual-sized models and tried them out many times to achieve perfection. The wide bottom conducts heat well to quickly bring water to a boil. The top opening is wide to allow easy cleaning. The handle is designed to let you pour content without adding extra pressure on your fingers or wrist. You will never get tired of the simple and warm design of this popular kettle.

Kitchen Tools with a Lean, Functional Form

Sori Yanagi’s simple-looking beautiful form has been created from a thorough calculation for ease of use. His kitchen tools have a beautiful modern design with no extra decoration. They are made of strong and rust- resistant 18-8 stainless steel and are durable. All tools except the butter beater are made of unibody stainless steel with no seams, allowing for clean use. These tools have been popular across the ages because they are designed in every aspect including durability, ease of storage, and of course, functionality.

World-Class Modern Design Cutlery

Sori Yanagi’s cutlery use sturdy materials and have both ease of use and modern design. Their forms are made through repeated testing with 3D models, and any extra factors are eliminated to achieve sophistication in all aspects - form, ease of use and aesthetics. The material is 18-8 stainless steel. No special care is required, and you don’t need to worry about rusting from regular use. Another appealing feature is the matte finish which makes the cutlery resistant to scratches.

Sori Yanagi

product designer
SORI YANAGI A DESIGNER/ Sori Yanagi: Japan’s foremost product designer. Born in Tokyo in 1915, Mr. Yanagi graduated the Tokyo School of Art (currently the Tokyo University of the Arts) with a degree in oil painting. After working at the Junzo Itakura office, he established the Yanagi Design Institute in 1952. He designed the torch holder and stadium seats for the Tokyo Olympics. Mr. Yanagi has won numerous awards including the Good Design Award for his functional but natural designs which are suited for daily use. He has designed various products from furniture and tableware to automobiles and bridges.
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