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Japla Co., Ltd. Research Laboratory

Japla Co., Ltd. Research Laboratory
Wholesaler and Retailer
Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Tradition is new in any historical age

Since olden times, there have been many craftsmen in the Kyushu region of Japan creating superb works that enrich our lives. And there are exceptionally fine works that have not had much exposure, even now, in the 21st century.

We present wonderful works from Kyushu in the desire to have people all around the world experience these superb gems.

All of them are products which will resonate with your soul and make your life richer.

Japla Co., Ltd. Research Laboratory

Hakata Dreaming Colored Glass inspired by KABUKI

"Hakata Dreaming Colored Glass" is a beautiful colored glass made at "Atelier SOUJYU" using sandblast method.

The motifs of the products are
"Kabuki": one of Japan's traditional performing arts
"Wagara": traditional Japanese pattern from ancient times
"Hakata Gion Yamakasa": festival held in July every year at Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City

We want to value Japan's good products and culture since long ago. "Shibaraku" is one of "Kabuki Juhachiban (the eighteen best Kabuki plays). The design of "Shibaraku Glass" is inspired by the costumes and makeup used in Kabuki.

There is a theater specialized for Kabuki "Hakata-za" in Hakata.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa (literally, "mountain umbrella" ) Festival. The yamakasa glass designed by Hakata paper cutout master Konishi Kazuyoshi is also a must-see. When asked to draw a yamakasa (literally, "mountain umbrella"), no one comes close to him!

Japla Co., Ltd. Research Laboratory

Yujiro Hara

Up until now, I was involved in international exchange in the fields of sports business and food. Amidst such a career, the high quality of products produced by Japan's craftsmen, I do not think there would be anything as delightful as if we were able to introduce these wonders to people overseas, and I went to conduct excavation of new products.

In world of sport, outstanding talents who are by no means well-known but who would shine if they were polished are called "sleepers." Japan has gems that are not at all well-known internationally. We would like to make these "sleepers," so to speak, familiar to people all around the world.

It is in this spirit that we would like to have these works published.

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