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All of the above are being offered as a set
  • Crafts of Sumida, Tokyo
  • INFO

An Exclusive Souvenir Set from Sumida-ku, Tokyo

The Park Hotel Tokyo is giving guests the chance to experience the charms of the local Sumida-ku* area. Named “Encounters with SUMIDA”, the package plan is ideal for those looking for a unique Tokyo experience. Hotel guests are given the Souvenir Set as part of the package. However, for those unable to visit in person, ALEXCIOUS is able to offer this unique set through NIPPONWAZA.COM, the project organizers.

*Despite being reinvigorated by the recent opening of Tokyo Sky Tree®, Sumida-ku has thrived as a ‘Town of Craftsmanship and Artisans’ since the Edo-period (1603~1867). Crafts created here resonate with the meticulousness of masters and playful spirit of craftsmen – “Their hidden power changes and brightens our daily lives!”


1. Tokyo Reproduction Glass “BRUNCH” (Small)

‘BRUNCH’ is a series of reproduction glass items exported by Hirota Glass to Europe and America in the 1950s. As a great many pieces of past eras were made of superior quality glass, Hirota Glass has begun creating reproductions using the tech of those days. The artisan’s superb skills can be glimpsed in the delicate appeal of these glasses.

2. Mini Folding Byoubu Screens: 'Aka' Fuji (Red Fuji) and 'Namiura' (In the Hollow of a Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa)

Established in Sumida in 1946, Kataoka Byobu is the only store in Tokyo that specializes in folding Byoubu screens. ‘Aka’ (Red) Fuji and ‘Namiura’ (In the Hollow of a Wave...) have been selected from the thirty-six views of Mount Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai - an artist with strong ties to Sumida. Place these screens and enjoy Hokusai’s view of the world.

3. WELCOME SOAP (Sea bream-shaped & pomegranate scented)

Tamanohada Soap Corporation, founded in 1892, is located in Honjo (present day Midori, Sumida-ku). The pomegranate scented ‘WELCOME SOAP’ is created with the ‘Sea Bream’ (a fish served on auspicious occasions) as its motif, and manufactured based on the wooden molds used to make ‘Rakugan’, a Japanese confectionary.

Ingredients: Soap materials, water, glycerin, sorbitol, palm-kernel fatty acid, castor oil fatty acid K, perfume, sodium chloride, etidronic acid 4Na, EDTA-4Na, red no.504, red no. 227.

4. Savory Hokusai 'Age' (Deep-fried rice cake)

The Azuma Arare Honpo (main shop) was established in 1910. Hokusai ‘Age’ is hand-fried, thinly sliced, slightly chewy rice cake with a delicate sweetness that spreads in the mouth. The package features scenes from Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘thirty-six views of Mount Fuji’ that are owned by Sumida-ku.


  • Glutinous rice (made in Japan), vegetable oil, salt, pepper, dried plum powder, capsicum, seasoning (e.g. Amino acid)
  • Allergens: None
  • Best consumed within 60 days

FYI, the manufacturer makes other products that include wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, shrimps and crab at the factory.

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Crafts of Sumida, Tokyo
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