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SEKKAGAKU by wood design studio

SEKKAGAKU by wood design studio
Design/wood working
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

SEKKAGAKU…a hand made product with a prayer for an eternal happiness

SEKKAGAKU was developed as part of the Japan Brand project, for which we set out to search for artisans whose handiwork was so thorough that even the least original details of their work were still beautiful. These artisans from all over the country have experience in many fields, and they work with wood of the finest purity. We were lucky to get them to collaborate with our project.

These artisans work while constantly checking the purity and personality of the wood, and have made an item unique in the whole world by combining these glittering prime materials in a traditional method. They produce items with lovelycherry blossom motifs, as well as custom made ornamental plants and family crests.

Please understand that there are some things which cannot be made with timber or within awooden framework construction.

SEKKAGAKU by wood design studio

Introducing Artisans

Mr. Izumi Morikane(top Photo)
Desiner & Artisan at Ishimori Wood Woks Inc. in Ishikawa

His works on ALEXCIOUS:
「Cherry blossom in the background of blue&green sky」
「Cherry blossom in the Milky Way」
「Cherry blossom over the Sunset」

「Cherry blossom」color glass 4 kinds
「Cherry blossom」Hiba from NOTO/yellow

Mr. Yoshikazu Hamada(bottom photo)
Desiner & Artisan in Shiga

His works on ALEXCIOUS:
「Rose and Yaguruma kiku」
「Cherry blossom」Japanse Hiba/cgampagne pink

SEKKAGAKU by wood design studio

Eri Murakami

Eri Murakami

Ever since she was a child she had loved drawing trees and plants, and when she was 19 she visited the Yoshijima-ke house located in the preserved traditional area of Takayama city in Gifu prefecture, which greatly impressed me. At that moment she made the decision to dedicate her career to work which used pure wood for traditional methods of construction and wooden frameworks.

Her deceased grandfather, who had worked as a film director and bridal producer, often showed me what it means to love one's job. "You must devote yourself to focusing on every single detail until your customer is happy and completely satisfied". The memory of those words lives on in her heart.

While training as an architect, she simultaneously went out searching for artisans who could carefully create chairs with animal motif designs on them. This group of artisans started expanding, and soon they were designing motifs with flowers, birds and other natural elements painted on them. This lead to her gaining experience in many different occupations. She went on many travels to learn about the art of wood construction, carpentry and discover the limits of what could be done with Japanese timber.

After a while she decided that studying wasn't enough, so she began an apprenticeship from a master carpenter who worked for temple construction. At present she is learning from a furniture artisan who only uses 0.01mm tools, so that she can increase her precision. They dedicate themselves to working within a fixed deadline, and engaging in an exchange of feelings between our skin and this pure tree which is just as alive as us. Artisans specialized in carpentry, fittings, furniture and chairs use the wood of conifer trees and broad leaf trees to create ART in sudden flashes of inspiration. By condensing these materials into a final product, they hope to bring happiness to people.

Their wish is that these items have more than what meets the eye, and that each one be full of craftsmanship. They want them to be loved and appreciated for the pure wood that they are, carefully made so that every hidden section is still full of humanity. That's why they suggest we place them in an elegant interior space, and for this aim they will continue to ambitiously work in unique and original ways.

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