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Nishijin textile manufacturers
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Japanese and Western Fusion — Bringing You Nishishin-ori That Suits Any Location

"Bringing Nishijin textiles to the world"
From this ideal, ANDSQUARE+ was born.

Threads dyed in a variety of brilliant colors are interwoven to create Nishijin silks, thereby allowing the textiles to take on different appearances in different light.

Nishijin silks have a rich history dating back to the fifth or sixth century; they were brought back in the 1470s and have become representative of Japan. Their light will become part of your daily life, add brilliance from moment to moment, and enrich your surroundings. A involved multi-step process and the talents of a variety of artisans are required to create these intricate textiles.

Our fabric, with many techniques and ideas brightly woven inside, has received high praise from around the world. Now, as the sun has set on the kimono culture, these splendid fabrics and artistic techniques are gradually disappearing from everyday life. Is such a desolate state of affairs in any way acceptable?

ANDSQUARE+ has provided a variety of support to preserve this essential art and lead Japan's Nishijin textiles into the unknown future. We want above all for our textiles to be used and enjoyed. Touch our fabric, even just a bit. We want you to feel it.

We have assembled a collection of important Nishijin textiles—from our company and others. By all means use our products in your regular lives, with our ideas weaved inside.


Creating Normality Colored by Nishijin Silk ~To a Living Space Swathed in Nishijin Silk~

We work to fulfill the vision we have raised, "Creating Normality Colored by Nishijin Silk"

Nishijin silk is wonderful, and we want to spread it all over. But not only that, we feel our works have no meaning if they do not melt seamlessly into everyone's lives. You can change the feeling of woven Nishijin silk fabric depending upon which angle light strikes it. And the patterns and numerous colors expressed in the weaves bring a beauty to our regular lives.

First, use it to decorate spaces where you welcome guests or family, such as the entrance or living room, and experience how rich it is. Display them in a wide variety of frames and enjoy them as art. Nishijin silk fabrics have an impact that mere pictures cannot express.

All of the fabrics that ANDSQUARE+ provides are real Nishijin silk fabrics worthy of the Nishijin Silk Fabrics Seal of Approval.



ANDSQUARE Representative (Right side of photograph)

Born in 1988, as the eldest son of a Nishijin weaver.
Experience the priceless feel of Nishijin silk fabrics even after moving away from home.
The Nishijin Silk Fabric brand, ANDSQUARE, was created to show the beauty of Nishijin Silk Fabric to the world.

Think of the three main necessities of human life: Clothing, Food, and Shelter. We've taken the fabric formerly used only as "Clothing", and utilized it in products designed for living spaces creating chairs and other interior accessories. Our Nishijin Silk Fabric High Back Chair was produced under our company's brand, and was exhibited in the 2015 Milano Salone in Italy.

The theme of ANDSQUARE's brand is a fusion between Japanese and Western styles. Our products do no aim to simply showcase Japanese style, but to use it to accentuate a Western style living space. Also, put a touch of Western into Japaneseness. Our products try to bring out the most modern and fashionable aspects of both western and Japanese styles to create a living space that will brighten your mood every time you see it. To bring a touch of Japan into the lives people around the world. This is only a neutral. Faithful to the words 'tradition' and 'Nishijin weaving'.

We will keep working to spread Nishijin silks to Japan and the world.

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