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chiaki kohara by cotton's

chiaki kohara by cotton's
Total Creative Production
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Cotton's, a communication consulting company, will share chiaki kohara art.

Cotton's, established as an illustration production company in 1991, and now involved in planning, design, and communication consulting, will share our affiliated artist, chiaki kohara, with the world.

chiaki kohara by cotton's

chiaki kohara by cotton's


A fantastical world created by Wonderland Artist chiaki kohara

Almost as if she were playing in instrument, the lines of her drawing stretch out freely
and a fantastical world begins to appear on the canvas.

This art which came into being as if it was sung
will become somebody's wonder, somebody's hope, somebody's tomorrow.

That's right.
The worlds created by chiaki kohara
have a mysterious power.

Her drawing tools, and brushes, and canvas
and the sparking sequins
and the tattered boxes of candy
all support her so,
she shares her awesome power.

Surrounded by friends
she stands up against the darkness.
No matter how strong the enemy, it cannot win against her love.

To make art is to fight.
By making art, you can make the world a happier place.

The is the world which chiaki kohara makes.

chiaki kohara by cotton's

chiaki kohara

chiaki kohara


  • - Awarded the Yayoi Kusuma Prize at UNIQLO CREATIVE AWARD 2007
  • - Awarded prize by Aquirax Uno at Illustration Choice
  • 2011
    • - Solo exhibition "Gimme a Hug" (JR Osaka Isetan Mitsukoshi Opening Event). First proper live painting at a department store
    • - Exhibition at DAEGU ART FAIR (South Korea)
    • - Wins first prize at Canvas@Sony2012. Creates 38m giant art wall the hight of Ginza Sony Building
    • - Participant in Red Bull Ignition. Paints streetlamp, the symbol of Osaka's American Village
    • - Collaboration with GUNZE BODYWILD. Creates underwear artwork
    • - Exhibitions at Art Fair Tokyo 2013, ART OSAKA, and ART TAPEI 2013 (Taiwan). First live painting abroad
    • - As an artist at Art Wall Collection (JR Osaka Isetan Mitsukoshi), creates giant artwork in exterior display window of department store
    • - Exhibit at Art Fair Tokyo 2014. Exhibits 2m tall giant unicorn figure "Kakumei*HUG-chan" created through crowd funding
    • - Speaker at Umekita Mirai Kaigi MIQS (Grand Front Osaka)
    • - Live painting at Nihon Joshi Hakurankai 2014 (American Village Booth)
    • - Exhibition at Marugoto Neko Festival 2014 (Osaka Umeda Main Store). Creates main visual using whole site
    • - Participant in Art Kitty Parade (Collaborative exhibition with Hello Kitty) (Grand Front Osaka one year anniversary). Paints Hello Kitty at Open Atelier
    • - Special exhibition participant in The 16th Entertainment Art Exhibition. Creates original wallet in collaboration with Isetan Mitsukoshi (Available only in Mitsukoshi Shinjuku, Nihonbashi, and Ginza)
    • - Live painting of lion statue for 100th year anniversary at "Art & Fair" (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
    • - In charge of main visuals at Tensai Banpaku 2014
    • - Created main visuals for FM802 "Spring access campaign 2015"
    • - Solo exhibition "Kimiga, tsuki." (JR Osaka Lucua 1100 Grand Open)
    • - Exhibition at Marugoto Neko Festival 2015 (Osaka Umeda Main Store). Creates the main visuals for the whole site
    • - Creates CD jacket and music video visuals for CURIO's "FOOT STEP. Set up a limited time only shop in Shinjuku LoFt and Ikebururo LoFt.
    • - Eyeglasses brand, "JINS" x Chiaki Kohara original glasses are onsale for a limited time.
    • - Awarded an award for excellence in the art section of 3331α Art Hack Day Exhibition
    • - Appears as regular guest on J:COM Kansai area television program "Ochanoko saisai"

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